Accident Compensation

Unlike accidents, planning for a holiday is something you can do in advance. Planning a holiday in Ireland is a relatively simple affair and one that can be organized from the comfort of your home or office, so if you intend to fly into Cork Airport why not organize your car rental online before you leave?

Whilst all of us can take certain precautions to prevent and avoid accidents they are not always preventable or avoidable particularly if someone else is at fault. Insurance is a good way to cover ourselves in case of an accident but if someone else is the negligent party why should we have to pay and as a result suffer higher premiums in the future?

There is nothing wrong with claiming, for example, car accident compensation if someone else is at fault as your highest priorities should be the well being of you and your family and not someone who jeopardized your safety and put your life at risk.

Accidents came occur anywhere and at any time, even when you are taking in the beauty of the Emerald Isle from the driver's seat of your Budget or Avis rental car, but when they do happen, make sure that you don't suffer financial as well as physical anguish if you are not the one responsible.

Just like car rentals from Cork Airport, claiming for personal injuries is easily organized by phone or on the internet and with the quality of services available you won't be disappointed.








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