The city of Cork is located in county Cork in the South West of Ireland. It's the second largest city in the country, and the population is well over 185,000. The majority of the centre is housed on an island on the River Lee. It is easy to understand why there are so many bridges around the city. The river Lee eventually flows into Cork harbour via Lough Mahon. Cork harbour is one of the world's natural harbours and is one of the most important sea ports in Ireland.

picture of the streets in Cork

Cork city is a fast growing city with many large stores, restaurants and public houses. Cork has many interesting places to visit as well as the close by Cobh.

The Heritage centre of Cobh tells the fascinating story of the two and a half million emigrants, who left from the port of Cobh between the mid nineteenth century to the mid twentieth century.

In October every year, the famous Cork Jazz Festival takes place, which is well worth seeing. Cork is an ideal base location for visitors who want to explore the South West of Ireland. Another famous place to visit near Cork is Blarney castle.

The castle houses the world famous Blarney stone. The tradition is to kiss the Blarney stone, the according to the legend, the kisser is blessed with the gift of eloquence (gift of the gab).

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