Decorating, Cork style

Cork is a county full of rich history and heritage, which shows in its sense of style and decoration. If you like to have an Irish feel in your house, adorn your home with an ancient highland theme. A distinctive quality of Irish homes is the use of natural woods.

Basically, furniture like dressers, tables, chairs and couches should be made of oak, pine, cherry and other kinds of wood. Place some wooden stools inside your home to serve as seats. Stools, specifically mushroom-shaped ones, are popular in Ireland.

This tradition started in Irish pubs that are filled with stools for patrons to sit on and have a pint of ale. To get that Irish pub look, you can put wooden stools around your kitchen island or bar.

Another way to capture that Irish feel is to tile your floors with stones. Cobblestones are especially ideal to create an Irish atmosphere. To give the home a warm and homey touch, scatter rugs over the stones. Also, Irish people include engravings in their furniture. Have your furniture and home accents engraved as well.

The tradition of Ireland dictated that their homes should be small cottages. This would mean that they did not have much storage space. Use this in your Irish home décor as well.

Coordinate innovative storage solutions in your home. Place shelves and racks around the house. Also, hang pots and cooking utensils on shelves mounted on the walls. Follow this guide to feel the Irish way of living.

















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