Holidaying With Car Rental And Laptop

For a refreshing break that is close to home but different enough to be interesting, the West Coast of Ireland is hard to beat. With great scenery and plenty of things to do you can have a very enjoyable holiday by flying to Cork and arranging to hire a car that you can pick up from the airport. There are some areas of outstanding natural beauty and historical buildings that are sure to delight you. If you record your adventures on one of the high definition cameras that are on the market at the moment then you can relive your holiday when you get back home.

In order to view the pictures in their full glory an HD TV is a useful piece of equipment to have in your home. Whether you have taken still pictures only or recorded yourself on film as well, the results will look much better than on an older television that can only display images in standard definition. With the use of a car you will be free to explore the countryside surrounding the city of Cork at your leisure. As driving is on the left in Ireland you will not have any problems in adapting to the road system, although kilometres are often used on signs so a bit of simple mental arithmetic may come in handy when planning your daily itinerary. You can take along a lightweight netbook to transfer your pictures to if you are worried about running out of camera memory.

A range of choices:

You will find that you have a wide variety of makes and models to choose from when hiring a car from Cork airport. Similarly, when you are looking at new televisions and computing equipment, there is a good range of models available. As far as cars go it will depend on your budget for the holiday, how many of you there are in your party, what sort of places you are thinking of visiting and the terrain you may have to negotiate.

If you are working on a freelance basis and cannot afford to have your clients unable to contact you for a week or two then taking along a laptop will be a good idea. If you do not already own one or you think it is time to replace your existing model then there are lots of places on the internet where you can read reviews from other people who were in a similar position and have a look at what is on offer at the moment.

Do not count on getting a whole load of work done while you are away though as the relaxed pace of life in Ireland will soon have you taking things easy and wanting to go with the flow. If you like the odd evening in when on holiday then a hotel with a decent HD ready TV in the room will be a bonus and hopefully there will be a library of films in the hotel for you to choose from.

A little planning can go a long way:

Although you will probably not want to be too rigid with your holiday plans, making some arrangements beforehand can help to avoid any hassles once you are away, making for a more enjoyable break. Computers and the internet come into their own when you need to find out information about a place that you have never visited before and there are many resources online that can help you put together a rough plan of what you want to do while you are away.

With GPS systems and the sophisticated mapping applications available nowadays, if you take your laptop and a decent PDA away with you then you should not end up getting lost on your travels. Any computer that is internet ready and is reasonably up to date should be up to the job of helping you find your way around this lovely area. Some of the most important things to consider when buying a new machine, apart from the processor and memory, are a durable design and a decent keyboard so that you do not find it awkward to use or easy to damage.

You can probably find some good travelogues about this area if you want to get a preview of the place before you set off. If you already own a modern LCD TV then you will be able to see a nice clear picture of the various places of interest and the beautiful coastline that are awaiting you. Then all you need to do is pack.

Fitting in with the locals:

The Irish as a race have a reputation for being friendly and welcoming which is well founded. You are unlikely to encounter any language issues whilst away but leaning a little traditional Gaelic will probably go down well. Different people have their own preferred methods of learning languages but interactive programs that you can run on your PC are a good place to start.

You do not need to go overboard and if you find yourself forgetting what you have learnt once you get there then your laptop will come in handy to look things up. If you are looking to buy a new one, or your first mobile computer, then it is often worthwhile to take a look at what the major manufacturers have to offer as they usually have a better support network and after sales customer service than some of the smaller outfits. If you have picked your chosen hire car up at the airport then you can go looking for some suitable accommodation.

As long as it is not in the high season you probably won't have to book in advance and you can find some charming little inns in the most unlikely of places. Cork city itself is the second largest in the country and you may be able to pick up a good value DVD player while you are away, from one of the many electrical stores in the city centre, although check that the brand is well represented in your home country first.
















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