The Old Head of Kinsale is located about 5km from Kinsale in County Cork. It is a well known headland for being near the site of the sinking of the ocean liner RMS Lusitania in May nineteen fifteen.

The Lusitania was built by the company of Clydebank and John Brown, and the Cunard Line were the owners. The Liner was about 8 miles out from the old head when it was hit by a torpedo on May the seventh nineteen fifteen, by a German U boat. In under twenty minutes, the liner sunk killing nearly twelve hundred people.

These days the old head is extremely popular and famous for it's golf course. The eighteen hole golf course has been open since nineteen ninety seven, and is only open to golfers and their guests.

This has caused much controversy amongst the general public, and the campaign to restore access for the public has been long running.

The first well built lighthouse was erected back in sixteen sixty five. This was was one of several lighthouses built by Robert Reading around this time. The design was quite unique at that time. The light was made up of a brazier on the top of the cottage roof.





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